“How to Publish Your Own Photography Book is an indispensable primer that takes you from your initial idea to marketing your finished book. Shock leads you through every phase of the publishing process, be it conventional book publishing or self-publishing. I highly recommend this to any photographer who wants a book of their work, in other words, everyone.”

— Ellen Fleurov
Executive Director
Silver Eye Center for Photography
Pittsburgh, PA

Your Personal Photography Book Publishing Workshop

    There is a new democracy in photography. No longer is publishing photography books limited to a few elite and connected artists, it is now available to anyone with a camera (or a camera phone!). The result has been a surge in the market, with both stunning books that might never have been published before and, unfortunately, books that are poorly thought out and badly designed.
    How to Publish Your Own Photography Book will guide you through the publishing process, whether you choose conventional publishing, self-publishing or print-on-demand (POD), and help you decide which route will be the best for you and your work.
    In addition to guiding the photographer through sequencing and editing, this book provides information on book design, a link to free downloadable book-design templates, QR code links to helpful videos and resources, sample production and marketing budgets, information on grants and funding, social media strategies, interviews with photographers who have published their own books, and an extensive resource section listing most every service a photographer will need during the publication of his or her book.
    Do you want your book sold in stores? You will need an ISBN number and a Bookland EAN barcode. This book tells you where and how to get them, along with information on virtually every aspect of book production, as well as marketing and distribution.
    Very readable and inspiring, this book will guide you as you begin your book-making journey. Consider this a personal publishing workshop that holds your hand as you publish your own photography book!

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