Marilyn Suriani

Marilyn Suriani talks about her book, Dancing in the Material World.

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3 Responses to “Marilyn Suriani”

  1. Bobby says:

    Wow, loved this piece. I too am a grad of Portfolio Center. In Art Direction. Wish I had known of you and this project because I would love to have the chance to help.
    Are you still in Atlanta? What are you doing now? I work at Ga. Tech as a graphic designer but I completely identify with your work.
    My partner photographs trains. Sounds dull but the photos are wonderful and I think there is a book in the making.
    I’d love to talk with you further.
    Thank you for doing this work. It is important on so many levels. I hope you have gained success with it.

    Artist to artist,
    Bobby Strickland

    • ShockDesign says:

      Dear Bobby
      So glad you like the video! Marilyn was great fun to interview and her book is truly brilliant. She lives in Berkeley Lake, just outside of Atlanta. You can go to her website to see the work she’s doing now
      Your partner’s train photography sounds fabulous!
      Thanks for the great comment Bobby!



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